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Some facts about SEO
The internet is a new medium and it offers tremendous scope for advertising and business promotion. Marketing your businesses via the internet can help you reach newer markets and access prospective customers all over the world. This immense reach can be made possible only by internet marketing. Traditional marketing channels do not offer possibilities of this magnitude. Process of SEO goes as follows
Meta Tags
We believe, that a web site can only generate business for you if the designers have a fair understanding of your business and your prospective audience. After discussing your products/services and your business model, our design team develops a unique concept that best suits that model.

Basic layouts and text are scribbled on paper and discussed with you. After brainstorming on the final appearance, structure and content of the site we proceed to the next step.
Production with State of the Art Tools
After concept development, our designers and developers get down to develop the basic design and layout on the computer. The same is shown to you and a basic approval is sought. Finally after a go ahead, latest software tools are put on overdrive to produce scintillating and productive web solution for your application. A final appraisal is sought and last changes are affected. The site would now be ready for Launch!
The Execution (aka Upload!) & Testing
Optimized web pages are uploaded on server and ther after submitted to leading search engines and open directories for top placements and positioning. The process that follows after website uploading is

Link Optimization: Add relevant external inbound links and outbound links to and from other websites. Link Optimization is also a significant factor in Search Engine Optimization. We have learnt from our experience that if websites links are properly optimized that can result into top search engine positioning and placement.

Reporting: There are many types of reports, but for the most part these reports can be segmented into 5 basic groups.

Search Engine Ranking / Positioning Report: Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking. The detailed reports include ranking for root and branch pages.

Search Engine Original Ranking: Reports current ranking compared to ranking prior to the SEO campaign for each keywords. Search Engine Submission Report: Lists the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines. The detailed reports include specific submission information to the directories.

Search Engine Link Report: Lists all new external inbound links from other websites and external outbound links to other websites.

Search Engine Maintenance Report: Journals all activities associated with a SEO campaign.

Maintenance: Analyze results and revise tactics to maintain or improve search engine positioning.
Post listing manual  
A Web project is only considered worthwhile when it is marketed properly and its desired audience can reach to it effectively. We utilize the following techniques to market your site :

Search engine registration ( 600+ search engines including top ones like Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos and many more..)

Web Directory registration is done and your site appears in relevant categories so that people looking for related content are able to locate it easily.

Other techniques like Banner exchange, link exchange are employed to generate traffic etc.

The continued areas of effort (Post Listing efforts) fall into 4 basic categories.

Analysis and revision of page optimization: The competitive environment is a moving target. To maintain top ranking, SEO Analysts must evaluate the results and make tactical modifications based on performance observations.

Adaptation to search engine algorithm changes: Search engines are constantly modifying their ranking algorithms. It is not unusual to see several changes each year for each search engine. These changes must be identified and analyzed in order to maintain top rankings.

External link structure maintenance: Over time, websites change their design. These changes can affect or "break" inbound or outbound external links which can adversely affect website ranking.

Continued submissions to search engines:
Over time, search engines "clean house" and drop older site pages from their database. Sometimes pages are dropped inadvertently. Whether purposely or not, search engines must be monitored continually to be sure website pages are properly indexed or resubmit pages that have been dropped. To improve positioning or placement in search engines, web pages should be re-submitted over the period of time.
Post listing manual  
  • Did You Know?
    More than 52% of online customers find products and services using search engines .
  • Website get listed itself on search engines
    Website once designed and posted in internet will itself get listed on the search engine.
  • Search engine have problem with frames
    Search engines create problem for frame website Frame pages always create problems in the search engine optimization process. Most search engines simply cannot index a frame page.
  • Don't try to fool the search engines.
    This can be your biggest mistake, people come up with ways to 'fool' search engines, and they can work for a little while...sometimes. But the search engines catch on and write routines that penalize sites that use this practice.
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